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American history research paper topics

With any essay and in particular with a research paper, the choice of topic is vital. The two most important points about choice of topic for your research paper are as follows.

  • talk it over with your supervisor
  • do something which seriously appeals to you

Because of the amount of work that is required in a research paper, it is vital that you communicate freely and if necessary, often, with your supervisor. They have the experience. They have dealt with hundreds of students who have written research papers in the past. They know which topics work those which are potential minefields. It is so easy to choose the wrong topic. That’s the beginning of real struggle with your essay. So in choosing your American history research paper topics, discuss what you would like to write about with your supervisor.

And if you have a choice of topics then choosing the one which appeals to you most is the logical step to take. It will be even more appropriate if you have an interest in that particular aspect of American history or know that there is an abundance of research material available for you. Before you discuss the issue with your supervisor, do a bit of scouting around. How many other students have tackled your proposed topic? How much resource material is available for your background searching? Is there a special aspect you could write about? Rather than go to your supervisor with a vague idea, have a strong plan. That is something to build on in consultation with the academic.

American history is far-reaching

Here is a list of possible American history research paper topics and you will notice that there is a considerable variety and a wide range of years over which these topics are based. Some could be described as a long-ago topic while others are in much more recent times. Again the above principles apply; that of seeking advice from your supervisor and choosing something which is of particular interest to you.

  1. the treatment of native Americans down through the centuries
  2. the American Civil War
  3. the building of the transcontinental railroad
  4. the Boston tea party
  5. America's role in World War I
  6. America's role in World War II
  7. America's role in the Vietnam War
  8. racial segregation in America
  9. Prohibition in America
  10. terrorism in America

The smaller the target the better

All of the topics above contain vast amounts of information. Knowing the number of words you have to create to write your research paper, is in your best interests in choosing a topic of American history to be very specific.

For example to discuss America's role in World War I will mean you write very little intimate detail because of the extensive amount of information involved in the topic. You would be far better off pinpointing one aspect of the topic and writing your research paper on that. Again this will be to your advantage provided you discuss your topic in detail with your supervisor. They will know the pitfalls of choosing a topic which is vast and good advice will be priceless in pointing you towards a much more narrow target.

One powerful learning tool can be to study a research paper example. Choose one which is in the same ballpark area as your proposed paper. Look at its structure, content and finish. Learning from papers which have won high praise is a simple but highly effective of improving your grades even if you are looking for any 'write my nursing paper' solution. American history is ripe with interesting history topics. Choose wisely and well and achieve a long-lasting success with your research paper.


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