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How to Create a Winning Research Paper

No quality research paper is ever done, without planning. Planning is the key to a quality research paper, and thus, a winning research paper. To create a winning research paper, it takes a few points to accomplish this. And that is what this tutorial will cover. Even though planning is key, it is not everything, there is more to it than just the planning.

  1. Planning
  2. Outline
  3. Study Samples
  4. Get Help


When one starts a good research paper, they plan every aspect of it. Starting with the topic. Once the topic is chosen, then plan what will need to be researched, what area’s will be covered, and how and if the topic will be divided. Sometimes it is not good to divide the topic, as it is too vast to be divided into the amount of room instructed. In some cases, a one or two page essay is just too small to cover any subtopics. Sometimes even a three page is too small.


Never write an essay without an outline. Always use an outline to place what goes where. Using the notes taken from the research, devise an outline that will allow the best use of the notes and information obtained. The student wants as much information as they can get into the essay, without stuffing it. Leave enough room that the writer can inject their own words in there as well.

Study Samples

Many Student help sites have quality Samples that can be studied to give the student ideas on how to develop a good research essay design. Look for how they used resources, developed their thoughts in the essay with the resources, and in general, the composition. As this is all important.

Get Help

Even if the student needs no help in writing the essay, at least get help in editing it. A different set of eyes is more valuable than doing everything themselves. Often we see what we thought, and not what is actually there. Even after backing away for a short while, we can still miss some things, someone else would not. Either hire a good service, or find a friend that is a good editor, and ask them to go over it for the student. Yes, do the initial editing, but the final editing should be done by someone else. This helps in making sure the quality is as high as the work the student put into it.


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