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Basic rules for writing research papers in APA format

APA format is a writing format that was designed to give every student a basic format for writing papers so that they could all be graded on their content. The style was developed by the American Psychological Association and is the most common style used for papers writing in the field of social science.

There are some basic rules to writing research papers in APA format. It is best to memorize these basic rules because you will more than likely be required to write every paper in your undergraduate and graduate program using this same format. Don’t keep losing points because you haven’t mastered these very basic skills.

  • Times New Roman font
  • 12 pt
  • Double spaced paragraphs
  • 1 inch margins

The APA format requires that you have a title page. The title page should list all pertinent information in the center of the page. The items listed are your title, your name, school name, teacher name, and date. All of the papers should have a header on the top that lists the papers name in the upper left and the page number in the upper right. There should be a separate sheet at the end of the paper for references. This page should be labeled “References” centered in the middle of its own page.

The way that sources are cited in the paper is the most important part of the process. Every source is cited differently. You have to refer to an APA format guide to see how to properly cite your sources. Many college libraries will provide the citation information for the articles that you pull off of its website. This is a great resource because it will ensure that you have to correct citation information. The in test citation is very simple. It is the last name of the author followed by the publication date. This is put in parentheses at the end of the sentence. It should look like this.

“It is a lot easier to use the college library, because it will provide you with the citations you need, (Author, 2014).

These are the basic rules that you need to follow to ensure that your paper is written in the APA format. There wasn’t a lot of information on citations because most electronic resources will show you the proper citation for the publication that you are using. Good luck on writing your next paper in APA format.


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