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Essential Parts Of A Research Paper: A Quick Guide For Newbies

If you have never been tasked with writing a research paper in your life then the prospect for newbies can be incredibly daunting. It doesn’t matter how many times your teacher runs over it with you in class, or how many times your mom and dad tell you that you will be fine, that fear of getting started, or worse mucking up can be positively overwhelming.

Don’t worry, I have your back. Here is my guide to the essential parts – absolutely perfect for newbies:

The topic

If you don’t have a topic then you don’t have a research paper. If you haven’t already been handed down a topic by your teacher, then you will need to come up with a creative title that:

  • Interests you
  • Will make your teacher stand up and take notice.

There are several detailed articles online that you can access when it comes to finding a suitable topic.

The title

Coming up with an intelligent, well thought out title that says exactly what you need it to in an interesting manner can be almost as challenging as coming up with your topic. My advice to newbies would be to keep it as simple as possible. I see a lot of pretentious sounding titles and frankly, they are a turn off.

The research component

The clue is in the kind of paper that you are being asked to produce. This is a research paper. You need to ensure that this is meticulous. Not just that, it should be fun. You aren’t really under any pressure when you are carrying out your research, enjoy it!

Your thesis statement

This doesn’t have to be war and peace but it does need to spell out your intentions in a clear and concise manner. The whole purpose is to:

  • Justify the research
  • Briefly outline what you intend to prove/the argument that you aim to express

The very word “Thesis” is often enough to send people into a spin. Try not to worry about it.

A brilliant conclusion

Newbies and experienced students alike should always aim to end on a high. Your conclusion should tie up any loose ends and neatly pull together all of the strands of your argument. This is not the time to introduce new theories. It is about ensuring that the case that you have made is solid and watertight. If you identify any holes when writing your conclusion, then go back and plug them! I hope that you have found my guide informative!


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