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Creating A Proper Chicago Style Research Paper Bibliography

A bibliography page is an important part of your research project, simply because you name all the sources of information that you have used in your work. It means a lot, if you have many references, because they make your own research more trustworthy. Besides that, the fact that you name all of them makes readers sure that there is no illegal plagiarism in your project paper.

Still, there are certain demands to the way the bibliography is organized. That is, if you are organizing the page in the specific Chicago style, you need to observe several very important points:

  • Alphabetize lines in a bibliography.
  • Give the last name of each author first, and the given name after a comma. If there are two or more authors, their given names are written before their last names; the third name follows an “and”, separated by a comma.

  • End each line with a period.
  • Put one space after a period in case it occurs within a line.

  • Name entire books or articles that you have used in your research.
  • The information about particular parts of the text that you have quoted will be provided in notes.

  • Begin each new entry immediately from the left margin of your page.
  • Subsequent lines of this entry should begin five spaces to the right from the left margin.

  • Give information about editions.
  • If you use the second, third, etc. edition of a book, provide respective information. The same relates to reprinted books.

  • Name all authors.
  • You may use so-called secondary sources of information, for example, Author #1 quoted by Author #2. If you use the Author #2 in your research, too, not only as a secondary source of information, include them in your bibliography as a separate entry.

  • Organize non-printed references.
  • If you use materials of lectures, presentations, etc., let the reads know the name of their author, when and where they took place. If you use online materials, make sure you give correct links to websites where they can be found. Using other people’s dissertations, don’t forget to mention these people’s scientific grade.

If you have never before organized a page like this, you should better use a sample that can be found on the Internet. Such samples are available from databases that can easily be found online. Besides that, you can try searching for the latest editions of manuals that explain the Chicago style and give perfect examples of how such a page should be organized in the most appropriate way.


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