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How to write a simple research paper in 2 days

The research paper is a simple project with a few key components. Once you familiarize yourself with these components you can write a simple research paper in just two days without any stress.


You should be very careful when selecting your thesis. Particularly, you should be very careful when dealing with a research essay which is persuasive in nature. Since you want your work to be very original, you should be very careful not to repeat other people’s opinions and work. Instead, you should cite all the sources that you are using. These citations should be used to make your case solid. You can also take a thesis and put it into various circumstances. For instance, you can take a study on children in Africa and show that it is not applicable in France of Sydney. Another example is where you take a thesis on today’s economics and argue it in the perspective of medieval times. When you want to get perfect grades in a research essay, taking an original thesis is a perfect start. Your thesis will definitely be very important as it focuses on your research efforts as well as the materials you are presenting.

In addition, it’s a rationalizing of facts to support the argument that you are making and presenting. You should find any academic materials that have similar arguments that are related to your study even those that you have not drawn ideas from. If they are opposed to your idea, it presents a gap in knowledge that should be filled. Present an argument as to why the statements are either wrong or not applicable to your circumstances.


You should provide a summary to the arguments you are making. A good method to sum up your argument is to end up with a quote.

What are markers looking for?

Markers want to find a couple of details in your essay. One, they want to see a clearly written and organized essay. They also want an original document that has a strong case that is well argued. They also want an essay that is well illustrated and one that is easy to read and understand. To produce better results, you should select an easy topic that you are very comfortable handling. Of course, this is unless if you are being handed the essay topic by the lecturer.


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