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How to find an example of good outline for history research paper

If you are looking for outline samples you should:

  • Look at sample papers
  • Look in writing guides
  • Review your textbooks
  • Ask your librarian
  • Ask your teacher
  • Search online

The outline is a key component of the “pre-write phase”. This phase of any paper or research project is what you do before you start writing the paper. The pre-write phase includes things such as picking your topic and conducting research. After you have done those things it is time to make the outline.

The outline will give you a place to sort through all of the notes you took during your research. You can find places where you may lack evidence. You can find areas where you need to flesh out a paragraph. You can locate a paragraph that lacks a topic sentence.

The outline can consist of full sentences or short fragments. You can use bullet points or number your list. Many students prepare an outline in chronological order but you are not tied to this. You can select whatever feels right for you. An example of a bulleted point list in chronological order is listed below. This sample outline is for a five paragraph essay:

  1. Introduction
    • thesis statement
    • opening quote
  2. Body
    • paragraph 1
      • topic sentence
      • evidence
      • transitional sentence
    • paragraph 2
      • topic sentence
      • evidence
      • transitional sentence
    • paragraph 3
      • topic sentence
      • evidence
      • transitional sentence
  3. Conclusion
    • summarize thesis
    • summarize paragraph 1
    • summarize paragraph 2
    • summarize paragraph 3
    • closing remarks and inspirational quote

This example breaks down the information in the article in the order that it will appear in the paper. Your outline does not have to be something so conventional. You can use a chart or a graph for your outline. You can even utilize a free write style such as mind mapping. These unconventional methods are a perfectly reasonable and creative way for you to write out the thoughts that you have about your essay and review the areas where you still need information. You can make your outline as comprehensive or sparse as you need. Not all teachers require an outline or a copy of it and most of the time the outline is more of an organizational tool for you to use. But if your teacher does require a copy of your outline submitted with the final paper or as a preliminary step toward finishing your entire paper it is best to ask them what format they require if any before you submit the final piece.


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