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Looking For A Free Research Paper Example On The Web

Don’t think that you can get a great quality research paper online? Think again! The internet is home to many things: funny cat videos, embarrassing pictures of you at parties, links to download your favorite TV shows, and lots and lots of low-quality essays. However, for every four or five poor-quality papers, there is one great example of a research paper that can help you write your own! You just need to know where to look, and how.

Maximize your search terms. If you just type “free research paper” into your favorite search engine, you’ll get millions on millions of hits and won’t know where to start. Instead, be specific. If the paper is on the Civil War, type “free Civil War research paper”. You can search for different lengths of paper, certain historical figures or scientific phenomena, or any other detail that you need to be successful.

Don’t go with the first paper you see. You wouldn’t immediately buy the first car you saw on Craigslist. You wouldn’t immediately buy the first wedding dress you saw in a bridal shop. Give yourself time to choose a sample that will work for you and your class: that could mean it’s long enough for your own essay, that it’s well-researched enough, that it’s well-written enough, or all of the above. Just because it’s easy to click the very first link you see doesn’t mean it’s the smart way to go about finding a sample paper!

Double-check facts. Before you use any facts, quotes, statistics, or other research from the example essay, double-check them against the sources. Make sure the sources are legit, and that all the information is still relevant. Better yet, double-check the sources against other sources that can confirm the same information. Anyone can make up anything they want online, so it can never hurt to protect yourself against being called out on a source that doesn’t exist or is outdated!

Never hand in a free paper as your own. If you really can’t write your own essay and want to use the free sample as your own, the least you can do is re-write it in your own words. That means taking each sentence and summarizing it, using your own unique words and phrases. This will help stop your teacher from finding out that you plagiarized someone else (though there is no 100% safe way of doing this) and reduce the chances you’ll get in trouble at school. Be warned, though: you are still taking a big risk! It’s okay to use a sample as inspiration or a guide, but turning in someone else’s work can come back to bite you.


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