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How To Find An Appropriate Survey Research Paper Example

Survey research may at times be regarded as a simple approach to research. However, as it is with any other methodology and approach to research, it can be easy to undertake a poor quality survey rather than one of high value and quality. Due to this reason it really pays to know how to find an appropriate paper example you can use as a guide before conducting your own survey research. Here are some useful tips you should consider.

Online Journals

The first tip on how to find an appropriate survey research paper example is to subscribe to an electronic journal. There are numerous electronic or online journals that publish numerous research papers on a wide range of topics. Most electronic journals publish high-quality and extensively researched papers by professors and other professionals in various fields. You can easily find the electronic resources on the internet by searching using the key words in your topic of interest.

However, you have to either subscribe as a member on one of these sites or just purchase a single copy. I would recommend that you sign up for an annual subscription because it’s cheaper and there’s no limit on the number of papers you can access as a subscriber.

Industry Publications

When thinking of how to find an appropriate survey research paper example, you should consider looking into industry publications. For instance, you can get some great published surveys conducted industry players or professionals and institutions in the marketing, medical, scientific, management and other industries. Professionals and institutions within various industries always conduct surveys to gather information on certain issues affecting the industries. These studies are often posted on various industries related websites and can be accessed for free.

Subject Specific Websites

Another tip on how to find an appropriate survey paper example is to look into subject-specific websites. For instance, if you want a paper in marketing, you may look for websites that specifically publish marketing related information. These sites often publish credible information and surveys conducted by various marketing firms.


The library is another great place to consider if you are wondering on how to find an appropriate assessment paper example. Most libraries have vast collections of various types of papers that have been written by previous scholars in the college.


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