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Format Requirements for an Algebra Research Paper

An algebra research paper has multiple types of inputs:

  • Graphical input showing your proof of study
  • Input in terms of equations
  • Words

All these forms of inputs need to be properly formatted. This article discusses the correct ways to format these inputs in order to make your research paper look professional.


When you show off your math in the form of graphs and charts, the person reading your research will be pleased to see how much effort you have put into your work. It looks very good and it can even get you more marks if it is well formatted. Here is how you make sure your graphs and images are well formatted:

  • Make sure they all have a title
  • They should all be related to the work you are discussing. If you want to include others that are not directly related, you can put them in the appendices
  • Label them – give them a title and a number (i.e. Figure 1 – graph of y = mx + c)
  • Include a table of figures just after a table of contents – looks professional


This is another input that, if ignored, would make the math paper very incomplete. Include them in your research paper, but don’t include too many because it can get way overboard. The formatting of equations is done as follows:

  • Use the equation editor that is built-in on Microsoft Word 2007 onwards. It makes the equations look good and centres them so they are visible
  • Label each equation the way you label the graphs and charts
  • Include a table of equations
  • Any extra equations, move them to your appendix and refer to the appendices in your research paper
  • Avoid repeating equations; just mention the equation number


Whenever you’re writing about math, do not forget that at the end of it all, it is still an essay. Make sure it is well-structured and the paragraphs are well formatted. Use an appropriate font with the appropriate line spacing (this should all be given to you). Reference your work and re-check your work every other moment to avoid grammatical errors.

An algebra research paper can take a long time to tackle. It is an amazing experience if you are a math lover and you will enjoy the ride as you take it. Just make sure you format it well so the reader enjoys reading it as much as you enjoyed writing it.


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