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Every student will be asked to write research papers throughout their time in college and the first step in creating a research paper is to write a proposal for it. To get that proposal right is vital. And one of the best ways to do it is to be well-organized. Here are some thoughts, tips and steps to consider in creating a proposal for your research paper.

  • If at all possible avoid topics which have been done to death.
  • The topic of your paper needs to be specific.
  • State why the topic of this research paper will be of benefit to you.
  • State your thesis in as few words as possible.
  • Do not make it a question.
  • Briefly explain your methodology or approach to writing a research paper.

The simplest way to avoid choosing a topic which has been done to death is to talk to your teacher or professor beforehand. Remember that they will almost certainly be judging your work and giving it a mark. Do not put them through the agony of reading a research paper on a topic they have already read hundreds of times before.

You must be specific in the heading of your research paper. Any topic which is too general or too broad leaves you open to writing a waffling research paper and thus suffering a poor result.

You really help yourself in the selection of the topic of your research paper by including in your proposal a statement of how this selection will benefit you. If you are going to study this topic in greater detail in your course, then that is an excellent reason for doing so. If you have a passion for the subject or considerable knowledge in this field already, that too will reinforce the wisdom of your decision.

Your thesis will come in your introduction and be one or possibly two sentences long. It will not be a question. It will be a statement. It will clearly and simply explain what you propose to explore throughout your research paper.

How you will go about presenting your research paper is an important part of your proposal. Will you be using research from surveys which have been conducted by reputable sources? Will you be using quotations? The methodology you choose will be examined by your supervisor and be a good indication of the prospects of success for your actual paper.


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