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Being a professional in writing an analysis research paper

A research paper requires the student to critically evaluate research and organize the research paper so that he can record the evolution of his findings, which may be affected by new research results. He has to explore the subject through the research process and record his findings. This requires a degree of critical thinking  so that results are not accepted without thorough investigation.

  • The student has to understand the topic, investigate primary and secondary sources and understand their uses.
  • It is the investigative process which is the main driving force in the research paper.
  • It is not just a question of gathering information but deciding what the information leads to.
  • You have to gather the information from different sources and use it to create a new perspective on the topic.

There are two different types of research papers:

  1. The argumentative research paper.
    • It  begins with an introduction laying out the scope of the topic and the thesis statement, which it will prove.
    • It must be persuasive and the topic needs to be controversial.
    • For instance, GM crops are not harmful for consumers.
    • The research paper must persuade the reader that the thesis statement is true.
  2. The analytical research paper.
    • The analytical research paper is an exercise in exploration and  evaluation.
    • The writer must seek a fresh interpretation of the subject.
    • The thesis in an analytical research paper is often not as fixed as in an argumentative research paper as the writer’s stance is not as predetermined and is more open to interpretation.

Choosing the topic.

  • The topic may be chosen for the student by the tutor A student may propose a topic but it should be raised with the tutor first for his approval.
  • Brainstorming for ideas is also a practical option.
  • The topic may change during the writing according to the research material being used. Analytical research writing usually has an element of fluidity, which the student has to learn to accept.

Other skills required for writing a research paper include drafting, revising and proofreading. The student must be able to draw and interpret graphs and statistical information where needed. A research paper demands accuracy of observations and a logical flow of thoughts and expressions throughout the essay. It is an opportunity for a student to exert full control of all aspects of his work.


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