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Where to find a well-written APA format example of a research paper

There are many places that you can turn to when looking for an example of an essay. One of the best ways that you can acquaint yourself with a particular style of writing is to look at examples. Sure you can read tips and stylistic tricks to a particular type of essay writing but it will not reap as much for you as looking over examples. Sample papers are a great way for you to find information on the physical layout as well as size of paragraphs and of course the writing and presentation of the paper.

So where can you find these samples?

  1. You can find samples from other students. Ask your teacher to give you samples that correspond to the type of writing you are being asked to complete. Chances are you teacher has already supplied you with at least one writing sample and if not then you should not hesitate to ask for one. Teachers will often have multiple writing samples from previous classes and previous students. If you know of a student who has written the type of essay you are being asked to write you can of course ask them if you can look over what they produced. This will give you a chance to see what level of work will warrant what particular grade.
  2. Another great place to find samples that you can use for your essay is the internet. There are many websites out there that have writing guides and style guides. Each of these sites offer writing services and samples. You can find samples published by teachers or other students. You can find samples published by professional writing services or those published by textbook manufacturers. And on that noteā€¦
  3. You can look over your textbooks or writing style guides. These books are often required for your English courses and they contain a whole heap of samples. Some of the samples are located on the website for the manufacturer but are still easily accessible.
  4. The last place you can look is on the APA website. The website should offer many samples of different papers all of which are written in accordance with the APA style and format guide. If you cannot find a sample in an APA textbook you can always find them in the APA style guides or formatting guides.

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