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Writing About Health Care: 10 Hot Research Paper Topics

Our population is aging, at the same time that new advances in medical technologies and treatments are speeding ahead. If you are interested in writing a research paper that will generate discussion and debate, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to topics.

If you want some ideas for where to start with your next research paper, you are in the right place. Here are some subjects to consider:

  1. Genetic Engineering And Research
  2. As we continue to make advances in mapping the human (and other species) genomes, we are gaining insight and potential control over the functions that genes etc have.

  3. Cancer; The Causes, And Control Strategies
  4. Experimental treatments, and approaches to how (or even if) we should treat some cancers is certainly a hot topic in medical research.

  5. Diabetes
  6. Obesity is an increasing issue around the world. Once thought to be a disease that affected primarily the middle age, and those living in the most developed countries, things have changed. Diabetes has seen a rapid increase in young people, largely as a result of a poor diet and sedentary lifestyle.

  7. AIDS
  8. For decades, AIDS has been the focus of intense medical and public debate. Experimental drugs have been developed, and are showing progress in treating individuals who are HIV positive. Who should get access to these new narcotics?

  9. Companion Animals Assisting In Treating PTSD
  10. Dogs or drugs? Which is the most effective method for treating ex-soldiers suffering from PTSD? Our four-legged friends have been proven to reduce stress, provide comfort and provide their own form of “counselling” for those who have fallen victim to depression and other mental illnesses.

  11. Food Allergies and Sensitivities
  12. An increasing number of people are on restricted diets. In some cases, this is due to personal choice. Vegetarian and vegan diets have seen a huge increase in recent years. Those looking to lose weight have gone low-carb. For some individuals, eating the wrong foods can result in a serious allergic reaction. Shellfish and peanut allergies have been around for years. Recently however, some people are suffering from severe reactions to wheat, gluten and MSG.

  13. Ebola And Virus Transmission
  14. The recent outbreaks of ebola in Africa have spread to America and Europe. SARS wreaked havoc around the world. Viruses have gone viral. Catch one for your next research paper.

  15. Addictions
  16. Designer drugs, dope and double martinis. Pick your poison! Tobacco may kill more of those addicted to the weed than any other narcotic. Which are the worst drugs, and why do we keep using them?

  17. Pain And Pain Relief Interventions
  18. Nobody likes to suffer. Should we be able to write our own prescriptions for pain medication? Should we be able to grow our own marijuana to control physical or mental suffering?

  19. Geriatrics
  20. As our population ages, so too does our interest in diseases associated with aging. Dive in! There are hundreds of research avenues to explore!


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