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Looking For An Example Of An Outline For A High School Research Paper

High school students write many research papers for different classes on different topics. However, the key element of writing a good paper on any topic is outlining it first. When you’re going to write a type of paper that you’ve never worked on earlier, it’s advisable to look at outline samples first. In this article, you may learn about the sources that should provide you with decent examples.

  1. Instructors.
  2. If you need to get a good outline template, you should go to your instructor. Instructors are obligated to help students in writing their papers. It’s likely that your instructor will have some outline samples. If your instructor won’t have proper examples, they’ll at least advise you on where to search for them.

  3. School library.
  4. The library of your school should contain plenty of research papers on different topics that were created by students in the past. Search for papers which titles are similar to your topic and choose the ones that earned their authors excellent marks. Outlines of such papers are very strong.

  5. School database.
  6. Your school might also have an electronic database where the works of students are stored. If you don’t want to go to the library and make copies of papers, you may just find the needed examples in this database and download the files. This option is very convenient because you don’t even need to leave your room.

  7. Friends from your school.
  8. Your older school friends should have written similar research papers when they were younger, so they can provide you with some advice on how to outline your paper. They may also give you their old works as samples if the quality of their projects is high.

  9. Academic centers.
  10. Almost any town has some centers that help students and other people work on their academic projects. If you need a good outline for your paper, you may approach such a center. They will provide you with samples of high quality. If you’re lucky, you may find a center that is a non-profit organization. In this case, you won’t have to pay for their help.

  11. Helpful websites.
  12. You may always search for outline examples on the Internet. If you spend some time, you’ll find several online libraries related to writing research papers. Often, you can download needed templates from such sites for free. However, not all free sources will provide you with top-quality samples, so it’s better to use this option only as a last resort.


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