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What are good topics to write a research paper on?

In almost every class that you take in school , you will be asked to write a research paper. One of the hardest decisions is deciding what to write about. It has to be something that interests you and it should be a topic with a lot of information on it so that you can find some solid resources to research. There are so many different topics that you can write about that you may want to start with general topics first. Here is a great way to find your topic.

  1. Depending on what class you have to write the paper for, you can decide on some main topics that you have discussed. For example, if you are taking an American History class, think about the major units you have discussed. Usually your units will be broken up by a test so think about what units you found the most interesting or the ones that you did better on the test.
  2. Start researching that topic. You won’t necessarily want to write on such a large and broad topic so if you do a little research you can find a portion of the topic that you can write about. For example, if you were going to write about how the American Revolution shaped our country you would want to think of specific events that occurred like the Boston Massacre trial.
  3. Now that you are starting to narrow down your topic. Try to make a generalized statement about the topic.

If this method is not working for you there are a few other places to check. Take out your text book and flip to the table of contents. Each unit is the main topic and then the chapters in the unit are a great place to decide on an interesting topic. Another place to check is on the internet. There are tons of sites that will give you research topic ideas on all of the different topics for every class. You can also check magazines written for your course of study. For example, in a science class, check out a science magazine. Reading through the various articles will definitely get you a topic to write about.

There are so many resources available to help you find a killer topic that you can do your next research paper on. Start looking now.


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