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In Pursuit of Impressive Research Paper Topics

It’s not much of a secret that the more interested students are with their research paper topics the more likely it is they will be able to produce great work that is appreciated by a larger audience. It’s important for students to examine all possibilities before choosing a topic so that they can remain energetic throughout the entire writing process. Here are some ways of pursuing impressive research paper topics for your class:

Scan through the entire syllabus: Before investing too much time on any one topic, you might find it helpful to scan through your class syllabus to get an idea of what will be discussed later on. If any of these stand out or interest you in some way, you’ve come upon a good idea for a research topic. Make a list of the books or articles you will have to consult and preview them you understand the basis of your topic even when skipping ahead.

Look through recommended readings: Taking the previous step even further, review some of the recommended readings listed in the bibliography of each of your assigned readings. They might open your eyes to topics that are slightly related and likely to be more original in comparison with topics selected by most of your classmates. Don’t stray too far though, since doing so may take you too far from your class readings making it much more difficult to keep up in class.

Brainstorm some questions on a few topics: Another great idea for developing an impressive research paper topic is to brainstorm and ask several questions about topics or sub-topics you would like to learn about that semester. Combine the previous two steps and consider what you most expect to learn, identifying your favorite areas and drafting a number of questions you would like to have answered.

Ask your instructor for ideas: One of the most efficient ways of coming up with an impressive research paper topic is asking your instructor for a handful of ideas. He or she will likely have a number of past papers that leave room for further study. Review some of those titles and ask for some direction. Your instructor will want you to come up with your own ideas but a free discussion between the two of you will likely inspire two or three very good topics, as well as give you some idea of what it is your instructor expects from you with the assignment.


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