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Academic Tips And Tricks: What Are Some Good Topics For A Research Paper

Research papers are easy to do if you have the right topic. To pick a good topic for your research paper you have to know a little about the subject, going in blind on a topic makes the research harder to do. If you have a general idea then your topic will have a better thesis and your research paper will be better written.

Research Paper Topics

  • Zero tolerance; is it really helping or hurting students? You have probably seen where kids get suspended from school for doing the right thing. One kid got suspended because he forgot he had a hunting knife in his pocket and he turned it in and still got suspended. Is this right or should the zero tolerance policy have some leeway in some cases?
  • Has the Internet made kids smarter? Kids today can now find out whatever they want with a simple search but is this making them smarter or are kids losing out socially because of the time they spend online?
  • Are the pesticides, steroids and antibiotics that they use in our food killing us? All of these chemicals are used in foods that we eat everyday but are they more harmful than good. Look at all the effects that each of these have on human’s health and then make a conclusion on if they are more harmful than good.
  • Is there a decline in communication because of technology? We use the Internet to communicate with people and even on our cell phones we don’t call people and talk, we text. Are these good examples of how communication has declined over the years or are we just finding better ways to talk to each other?
  • Has marketing to children gotten out of hand? On kids’ television stations they have a million commercials that show kids what they want, this includes toys, food, and places to go. Are they going overboard and making holidays more stressful for their parents if they don’t get what they want?
  • Are charter schools really better than public schools? Charter schools are suppose to be better than regular public schools. Why is that? What do they do different than other schools? If they are so great then why don’t we make all public schools charter schools? Examine Charter schools and see what makes them different and whether or not they are truly better.

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