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You May Use a Sample of Research Paper Written in MLA Format

From the dawn of time people have learned skills from the experts of the field. This set-up was first known as an apprenticeship, where an apprentice or novice of a field, would learn a certain trade from a professional of the field. Similarly to an apprenticeship, when formatting your research paper in the MLA format, learning from an expert of the field can be very helpful. When using a sample of a research paper to better understand the format, you will want to look at the aesthetics, citations and works cited. These are the three major MLA specifications of a research paper, so looking at a sample can help you better understand these three MLA characteristics.


A major part of MLA formatting is the aesthetic look of your paper. Looking at a sample MLA research paper can help you to better visualize these aesthetic MLA rules. Some of the formatting and styles you will see for all of your papers are the heading, page numbers, margins, and typefaces. Your MLA paper will always have a header in the upper left hand corner which readers “your name”, “your teacher’s name”, “subject”, and date (date month, year). Above the heading, in the upper right hand corner of your paper, you will place the page number in your header. The page number readers your last name and the page number, on each page. Also, your paper will have one-inch margins on all sides, and use only professional fonts in 12-point font.


Another aspect of MLA formatting that is great to look at sample research papers for is citations. Citations are found within the text of your MLA paper, and they serve to give credit to the sources of information you use throughout your paper. In order to avoid plagiarism, you will use these citations. The citations will go at the end of any information presented that is not your own. For instance, if you find an interesting fact in an article you would like to include in your paper, you will want to paraphrase this fact or quote it directly. At the end of the sentence, but before the period of the sentence, you will place your in-text citation. Looking at samples will help you see this.

Works Cited

Lastly, looking at a sample works cited can be helpful when writing your own MLA research paper. The works cited is the complete list of sources, which can be found at the end of your paper on its own page. The sample dissertation will help you visualize the works cited you will need to create.


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