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The Complete Instruction On Writing A Research Paper In The APA Style

Writing a paper in the APA style is something that a lot of students are all too aware of. This is the default style in so many learning institutions and it is because of this that you will in most cases be expected to have an idea about it. There are times when you are given a research paper to write and the teacher expressly indicates that you have to use this citation style. There are other situations when this is not mentioned, but it is expected that you know what to do.

Considering that this citation style is pretty much a standard across so many learning environments, it would be wise for you to make sure that you know a thing or two about how to use the APA style for your research paper. This will actually work well in your favor over time because you will have a good chance in as far as learning what to do is concerned. That being said, the following are some useful ideas that you need to take into consideration when writing a paper and using this style to cite your sources:

  • Where it is used

  • Chapters in your paper

  • General guidelines

Where it is used

The APA style is a citation guide that is primarily applicable in the social sciences. This therefore means that you are only required to use it for particular subjects. However, from time to time you will come across some teachers who ask you to use it even for normal science papers such as biology and chemistry, which is weird and against the norm, but when this happens, always make sure that you stick to the instructions that you are given, and not what you know – this could be part of the test!

Chapters in your paper

Generally when you are writing a paper and citing it in this format, there are four major sections that have to be under the microscope in your work. These are:

  • The abstract

  • The main body

  • The title

  • The references

You have to pay special attention to the needs of this style with regard to each section when you are writing your research paper.

General guidelines

There are however some general guidelines that you must know about when you are using this style. This includes something like the font size and style that you will use.


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