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Why is it better to pick easy topics for research papers

Ben has spent weeks buried in the library reading up theoretical work on his research topic. He has had trouble getting help from his colleagues and supervisor, so he feels upset about being left on his own. Each time he approaches someone to discuss his research; he is confronted with blank expressions and sometimes annoyance. He even heard a faculty member murmur ‘the nerve!’ as he turned around to leave her office.

His topic of research: “Interacting with women makes men stupid”

No, seriously, it is true.

Apart from blatant misogyny, racism, and chauvinism, what else can be a blunder while selecting a topic for research?

Irrelevance is one. You do not want to invest your time and energy working on something which is either irrelevant to the subject or is unrelated to real life. Whether cats are more likable than dogs is irrelevant. To the cat, dog, and human being reading your paper

While it is tempting to make a statement with a research paper topic that boggles the mind for a few seconds, it might be better to choose a topic that is simple to understand. The topic does not need to run endlessly and fit half a paragraph to be important.

An important topic is one that discusses an issue, sheds light on a problem, solves an issue, gives current data on an existing problem, or has some bearing on life. A long complicated topic is annoying from the beginning. Simplicity is best. A topic, which is clearly stated in a few words, is likely to make and keep the reader interested.

So far, the discussion is about the “form” of the research topic. What about the “content”

It is equally important for the topic to be simple in content. Easy does it best! A problem that is less ethereal and more real is bound to be easier to see and explore.

On the other hand EASY is a relative term. Everyone has a different definition of the term and everyone has a different level of understanding. Your easy may be very difficult for someone else.

Considering that difference in individual perception, level of understanding, and grip on the subject at hand makes a generalized statement impossible, let us keep this to mean simple, brief and clean. It should state the problem, question, or issue in few and easy words and it should be concise.


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