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How to write a research paper topic proposal in 3 steps:

Figuring out what to write about when it comes to a research paper is one thing and then writing a research proposal is another, especially when it needs to be done in only three steps. Depending on what your research paper needs to be about will determine how to format it, since there are alight variations on the format of writing when it comes to what is being proposed as well as different demands from different schools and ages. However, there will always be several things that are true to every research paper. These are:

  • To as much time as you need or can to write the essay itself
  • Clarify right away what the proposal will address and any other concerns that tie into your topic you will mention
  • Declare whether your proposed research is so important and why or why not
  • And moreā€¦

There are a ton of steps that go into writing a research paper as well as writing a research paper topic proposal in three steps. It all depends on what goes into the paper. Step one is determining all of the sections of the proposal. For example, the title page, the abstract, a table of contents, the introduction, the background information, the proposed research, any relevant information that pertains to the subject, and then references. The second step is determining what your writing timeline is or needs to be. Keep note that a decent research paper can take a minimum of six months to create, so there is no room to slack off until the very end to complete this. Throughout all of this time information should be gathered, tests should be done, trials should be run and more. Once the initial goal of the research proposal has been completed and or reached then the research paper can be written about it. This is where step three comes into play, step three is where you take all of the information you have and all of the guidelines you set for yourself and put them together to form your research paper.

The initial outline you created was a guideline for you to use to gather the information you received and noticed through all of the research and the tests. It may seem like writing the research paper is the hard part, but really all the research is the hard part. By the time you are ready to write your paper, it will pretty much be written for you after all of your hard work doing the research and following the guidelines you set for yourself.


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