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Where can I find help in writing a good topic for a research paper

If you are writing a research paper and in need of help finding a good topic skim the topics below and see if anything strikes you or inspires you:

  • Should there be a legal interference to prevent women from reigniting relationships with abusive men?
  • Are females better at collaboration and compromise?
  • Are friendships between boys less intense than friendships between girls?
  • Should there be equal rights for males and females?
  • Has America gone too far trying to emasculate boys in school and society?

Once you find your topic it is time to start writing. You can create an outline to help guide your final paper and ensure you stay on point. As you write it is important to be aware of the word choice you use. There are certain linking words that act as a tool for pulling together your ideas. Use these words to support your logic in lieu of just sprinkled into sentences. If you want to reinforce your ideas use the following specialized linking words:

  • In addition
  • In other words
  • Moreover
  • Also
  • For example
  • More importantly

If you want to show a change in your ideas use the following specialized linking words:

  • However
  • On the other hand
  • But
  • Instead
  • Yet
  • In contrast
  • Although
  • Nevertheless
  • Despite

If you want to signal your conclusion use any of the following specialized linking words:

  • Accordingly
  • In conclusion
  • Finally
  • Thus
  • Therefore
  • So

You need to ensure that your paragraphs are an appropriate length as well. If you have nothing but a series of long paragraphs it will make your prose very difficult to read and the reader will get bored. Make sure that your long paragraphs are limited and see if you can convert longer paragraphs into two or more paragraphs. Try to break it at a point where your focus shifts. This is a logical breaking point. If you do this make sure you create a new topic sentence for the new paragraph. It is also good to find any places where your paragraph is just two or three sentences in length. This will make your writing appear skimpy or otherwise disjointed. With paragraphs that are this short you should combine some of the paragraphs and make them a single longer paragraph with a single topic sentence.


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