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Practical Tips For Writing A Research Paper In The APA Style

Since the majority of professional journals demand research articles to be submitted in accordance with the APA (American Psychological Association) style guide, some writing tips on this format may be quite useful.

Follow APA Style Guidelines

  • Get acquainted with the APA style and try to use it while writing reports. This will save you both time and effort in case some slight changes are required later. Remember to stick to the structure. The main chapters of a scientific review are the abstract, introduction, method (experimental, hypothesis), results, and conclusion. Each of them is to be formed according to certain standards, both in form and content. This provides a chance to plan and perform one’s investigation correctly.

  • In the abstract, provide general information about the subject of the survey together with a short description of its results. The chapter’s size, according to the APA manual, should be approximately 120 words including at least a clause for each of the chapters in the article.

  • Ensure that the introduction reviews written works concerning the topic of the study. It should also mention what is already known about it as well as explain how one plans to continue their investigations. In this way, the hypothesis of the exploration is declared.

  • Make sure the method section describes the activities done while investigating. Show the instruments which were used during this process. One should include the details of all inventory applied during the tests including the name of the hardware, model number and producer. Supply sufficient amount of the information about the experiment so that other researchers are able to repeat such an investigation themselves.

  • Analyze the research results in the next section. Compare them with previous ones, even if different methods were applied to receive them. Explain whether the hypothesis found its resemblance in the experiment or not and make relevant comments concerning the importance of the study.

  • Supply all references according to the APA style guide, depending on the type of the print (a book, an article or an online source). Ensure correct citations for sources and list them in alphabetical order.

Key APA Style Issues

The tips mentioned above are considered to be general for most of the experiment writing. Still, one has to keep in mind the following specific features as well:

  • Apply impersonal style for writing a paper.

  • Use past tense.

  • Do not use contractions.

  • Cite external sources correctly.

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