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Where To Get A Sociology Research Paper Example For Free

When writing a sociology paper, it is easy to get lost in facts and research information. In the age of the Internet, websites for free samples of research papers are a dime a dozen. The problem now is finding a website that is both correct in form and in facts. Below is a list of four different places to find a legitimate free example of a sociology research paper.

  • School library
  • Sociology department archives
  • Writing centers
  • Classmates
  • Websites on the Internet

School Library

When at a university library, there are several sections of books on how to write a research paper. In these books, there are breakdowns about how many pages, whether a paper should be in MLA, APA, or ASA format, and how citations are to be shown. Most of the time these books do not show samples, but are able to guide a student in the right direction without showing a student a sample paper.

Sociology Department Archives

While at school, check out the sociology department on campus. At some universities, each professor may keep a sample of best papers that have been submitted throughout the years. The great thing about this option is that your professor has kept his or her favorite papers, and you have the opportunity to study these past student’s form and structure. This is a great option for a capstone class or a midterm paper.

Writing Centers

Whether at school or at a private tutor program, the teachers at these centers keep mounds of past-submitted papers for future students to use for ideas. On top of that, the tutors and teachers at the writing centers are a great asset to help you when you are suffering from writer’s block. They are trained in writing why not ask for help?


If you have a classmate or a friend that has taken the class before you, ask if you can borrow his or her paper to see how “on-track” you are in your paper. The good thing about having a friend that took the class is that he or she can let you know what direction your paper should go in!


As a last resort, there are thousands of websites advertising free or cheap sample papers. Many of these are frowned upon by professors, because it can tempt a student into cheating on an important paper. When there is not intention to copy, and just to imitate form, these websites can be a fantastic alternative for a student in need.


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