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Research Paper Topics For High School Seniors: How To Choose A Proper One

Graduating high school is considered that day the most kids leave behind childhood and become an adult.  During your final year as a high school student, some schools require their seniors to compose a research paper as their final project to graduate.

When you are choosing a topic for you final research paper, there are a few things to take into consideration before you select your topic.

Things To Know Before You Start Your Research Paper

  • First you need to know what your teacher wants you to accomplish with this research paper.  That means knowing the exact details of the assignment and how you are suppose to write it.
  • When you select your topic, make sure it is something that you know a little about and something that is interesting to you.
  • Do something different with your argument; don’t do something that has already been done before.
  •  Don’t pick a wide subject to cover, pick a particular subject for your topic and then elaborate on that.
  • Make sure you are clear on your point of view on the subject.
  • Know your audience and make sure your subject will make them think.
  • Have all the facts and proof to make a valid point to the reader of your essay.
  • Write a thesis statement, outline your information, and write your first draft.
  • And revise your research paper over and again until you have it perfect before you turn it in.

Topics To Use For Your Research Paper

  •  Pros And Cons Of Being Homeschooled.  This topic gives you look into a different kind of learning that you may know a little about, but can make for an interesting topic for your research paper.
  • Stem Cell Research.  Stem Cells are supposed to help cure sick people but what are the advantages and disadvantages of their use.
  •  The Creation Story Seen Through The Eyes Of Different Religions.  Since there are so many theories of how we came to be on this planet, you can examine the different stories that each religion consider the creation of mankind.
  •  How Can Colors Affect A Person’s Mood?  Different colors have different affects on the way someone thinks or how they feel.  You can examine this in your research essay.
  • Should Facebook Addiction Be Considered A Disease Like Drugs And Alcohol?  We all know someone that has to check their Facebook every two seconds, but can this addiction to Facebook be just as bad as a drug or alcohol problem.

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