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The secrets of choosing a good topic for a research paper

The secret to a good research paper is having a good topic. There are secrets to good research paper topics as well. How do you know if one is good? How do you know if one is right for you?  How do you know if it is right for the assignment? Well, there are some very good answers to all of these questions. Here are some secrets to finding a research paper topic that will get you a great paper and a great grade.

  • Passion
  • Size
  • Research


If you choose any topic, the paper will be as good as any other, maybe. But if you chose a topic that you are truly passionate about, than you will have a paper that shows true passion. You will be driven to do the research and the work. You will be more likely to end up with a paper that you can be truly proud of as well. Passion is the key to a good topic because it is the key to a good paper.


In this particular case, size is everything. The topic that you end up choosing has to be broad enough to allow you enough words to fulfill the assignment but narrow enough that you are talking about just one specific thing. That is why topic choice can be so hard. You need one that allows for just the right amount of words or pages of information without ending up talking endlessly without ever making your point.


Research for research papers start at the very beginning. Go online, talk to your teacher, ask some friends, but research what a good topic for the class might be. Once you have a huge list of possible topic, then you can use the other two criteria to narrow your search. Doing the legwork is an important part of finding a good topic. The topic has to be right for you.

All three of these things have a huge impact on how your paper turns out. Choosing a topic is a big part of the research paper itself. Choosing the right topic though, that is a different thing altogether and the real problem is that many don’t know the difference. If you want a winning paper than you better find your right topic not just any topic.


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