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How using an example of thesis topic can help you with writing your paper

Thesis statements summarize your intent for the article. In one sentence you tell us, your audience, your plan to inform, persuade, compare and contrast, or argue a certain point, topic, issue, or title. Much work and thought goes into the thesis statement. It is not something to be quickly put together as it basically lays out the hierarchy for paragraph structure. But for paragraph structure to be comprehensive and thus complete; the individual sentences must be sufficient in their word content to convey meaning. If this is not successful the entire paper fails as your point of view, educated perspective, or constructive analogy goes unheard. In other words, your genius goes unrecognized and you fail the assignment.

Tips to Successfully Create a Thesis Statement

The importance of a thesis statement to any research paper can not be understated so here are some tips for developing a strong one:

  • Studies have shown that the same information presented in a different word structure but the emphasis on different words; thus, our brains interpret it differently. So present the issue in a restructured manner to allow differing perspectives to color the issue. This will also help you to develop different keywords or phrases for researching.
  • A good thesis highlights one fully developed main idea. It states directly the problem, for whom, and what you think should be done about it.
  • If the topic for your paper was assigned, the thesis statement will answer it.
  • If your topic is unassigned it is ok to start with a basic area or topic that denotes an action or area, such as terrorism or The Beatles. Do some general research, figure out where you want to go with these topics, develop a working thesis. Than do more directed research.

What the Thesis Topic is Not

The thesis statement is to be nothing more than a short sentence summarizing the issue and the resolution. That's it, just the beginning and end. Let the individual paragraphs spell out everything in between. Let the data reinforce the statement not clutter it or weigh it down. The thesis is usually the second or third sentence in the first paragraph; therefore, it should provide the reader with a clear understanding of the main issue of discussion. It should be a catalytic statement to encourage further reading and further data development.


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