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Where To Search For Proofread Term Paper Examples

If you want to search for high quality essays, ones that are perfectly punctuated, feature perfect grammar and spelling, are structurally sound and engaging to read, I have a few tips for you that can change the way you write forever.

The Beauty of Samples

The great thing about reading sample essays to use as models for your own paper are that the more you read these types of writings, the more you will learn about essay writing yourself. You’ll see how an essay flows from an engaging introduction, through the thesis statement at the conclusion of the introduction, how the author backs up their thesis with evidence and/or research and how the author writes a thought provoking closing that echoes in the mind and ear, of the reader.

The more your read well written essays written by students who have mastered the craft of composition, the better your own writing will be.

How to Use Samples—Don’t Plagiairize, Simply Read and Learn

Okay, I recommend what you do with the samples is to break them down into four parts—

  • Introductory sentences
  • Thesis statement
  • Evidence / body paragraphs
  • Conclusion

Print this paper out. Now, underline that thesis statement, put huge brackets around those evidence and closing paragraphs you will easily recognize. Now, what to do is read their introductory sentences and then try to write your own engaging sentences that mimic theirs in tone but are on a whole new subject. Same with the other parts. Repeat throughout. Try this several times with different types of essays.

Where to Find the Best Samples – It WILL Surprise You

There are two great ways to find the perfect models for virtually any type of assignment you have to write. First, ask your teacher. Most teachers, at least good ones, keep several copies of their favorite paper of each type that a student has to write so that they can read them aloud to the class for examples of great work.

Tell your teacher you are trying to read more essays like the ones you are trying to write and they’ll be glad to oblige you.

Secondly, search the internet for “award winning high school research papers on global warming” or “national essay contest winners” or freshman composition contest winners. All of these will searches will provide you, for certain, with excellent examples of the best work.


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