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How To Write A Thesis Statement For A Research Paper: Good Advice

If you want to know how to write a thesis statement for a research paper look over this good advice:

  • The first thing you need to do is read your question carefully. You want to highlight keywords contained within your prompt and if there are any words in your instructions with what you're unfamiliar you should use a dictionary to locate their meaning. You want to look for task words. Task words are words which indicate to you exactly what you need to do. Some examples of these include "explain", "discuss", "Compare". Once this is done you also want to identify topic words which might indicate the subject matter such as "the characters in Romeo and Juliet" or "the causes of the second world war”. Finally, you want to identify limiting words. Limiting words are words which restrict your discussion to something such as a particular chapter or a particular timeframe in history.
  • Develop your main argument or thesis. You need to create a main idea which really encapsulates your response to the subject or the prompt. This is known as your thesis statement and it needs to be something which strongly expresses what you're writing purpose is going to be or what your response to the prompt is. You never want a thesis which is overly simplistic area do you want to, instead, should you put thought into your work and that you truly understand some of the complexities associated with your subject matter. Remember, too, that the thesis serves as the foundation for your final writing assignment and it is going to be located within your introduction or the first paragraph the reader sees. Is also going to be the one piece of writing that is referred to regularly throughout your final draft and everything you provide within your final draft needs to demonstrate how you prove your thesis. This place is a great deal of pressure on it.
  • Write out your plan. After you have a thesis it is time to write out your plan for the organization of your final writing task. Some people refer to this as an outline that others might just refer to it as organization or brainstorming. When you set out to do this you need to play around with the organization of your paragraphs so that you can find a logical sequence in which to order each of your ideas.

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