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How to write an interesting topic for a technology research paper?

What a research paper is:

A research paper is a paper that is composed of a bunch of research and credible information from sources that are all reliable. A proper research paper is a final product that combines the aspects of organization, critical thinking, and the process of evaluating sources, proper composition and more.

A set of guidelines and or tips and tricks on writing a research paper:

The seven steps of research:

  1.  Figure out what research question you want to write about
  2. Seek help
  3.  Determine what your research strategy is going to be and find out all of the resources you are going to use
  4.  Be sure to only use search techniques that are effective
  5. Always critically read things, synthesize your work and make sure there is meaning in your writing
  6.  Be able to comprehend the process of writing the paper properly and be sure to cite your sources
  7.  Evaluate the sources

Things you learn while you are writing a research paper:

  •  You can now properly track down information
  •  You will know how to organize your materials and your thoughts as well as your research
  • You will be able to navigate the internet better and realize what are good sources and what are bad sources
  •  You will learn how to summarize what you read
  •  You will learn how to better manage your time
  •   You will learn responsibility from being able to start and finish a whole research paper

Ideas for a technology research paper:

You write a technology research paper just like you would any other type of research paper; you just tend to focus on the subject of technology only. Some ideas for writing a good technology research paper is as follows but are not limited to:

  • Discuss and research the topic of what the recent increase of diabetes in the United States is and why
  •  Is it a good idea or a bad idea to be cloning humans
  •  When it comes to reproductive technologies is it appropriate for religion and or faith to have a role in making decisions about this
  • Is there a connection between mental illnesses in the United States and an increase in technology
  •  Has the use of texting changed how people communicate with each other nowadays
  • What are all of the dangers that are involved and or connected with texting

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