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Learn from Masters: What Are Good Research Paper Topics in Chemistry

A research paper in chemistry must make an impression on the readers if you want to get a good grade for it. This means that you will need to find an interesting and original topic to write about. This isn’t an easy task, as your ability to conduct experiments may be limited. Therefore, many topics will be unavailable to you because you won’t be able to support your statements with proper research.

However, there are topics that will not require you to conduct complex experiments. You will only need to study some literature and reports of other researchers’ works to create a good paper on such a subject. If you are looking for this kind of topic, the following suggestions should interest you:

  1. The effects of diet sodas on the human body.
  2. In this paper, you will need to explain the chemistry of sodas, and describe the way they react with different parts of a human body.

  3. The causes of acid rain and its effects on the environment.
  4. Tell people about the dangers that acid rain brings, including the pollution of soil and ground waters. Explain how this phenomenon occurs, and offer some suggestions on how to reduce the number of this poisonous weather.

  5. The chemistry behind the process of making biofuel from yeast.
  6. Start this paper by explaining why people must focus on creating alternative fuels today. Describe this particular method of producing eco-friendly fuel in detail. Your readers should be able to build their own small bio-plant after reading this paper.

  7. How does plastic packaging affect food?
  8. This paper must explain what kinds of plastic are used for packaging food. Describe the process of its production and determine whether this packaging affects the products within it in any way. Offer viable alternatives.

  9. The chemistry behind food allergies.
  10. List the chemicals that often cause allergic reactions. Try to determine why some people are predisposed to allergies. Can this risk be reduced by taking some specialized medicine or making some dietary changes?

  11. Chemical discoveries that changed the world.
  12. What chemicals should be used in anti-age creams?
  13. Explain the chemistry of aging and tell your readers what chemicals can really affect this process.

  14. How is chemistry used in forensics?
  15. List the chemistry-based methods that are currently used in forensics, explain how they work, and offer some examples of cases that were solved by using these methods.

  16. How natural are natural flavor additives?
  17. Explain how natural flavor additives are manufactured and tell the readers whether they can be dangerous.

  18. Analysis of a pharmaceutical drug of your choice.

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