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10 common topics for high school research papers

High school research paper test the writing, analytical and creative skills of the students. The high school research paper topics are not that complex and they are fairly easy to research. Obviously, for high school students, the research papers are very challenging and they are critically evaluated on the basis of their research paper. The students are advised to research well on the topic if they are given free hand to choose a topic on their own. Further, the research papers at the high school level lay the foundation for the higher levels where more complicated topics have to be researched by meeting a number of tougher requirements. The more the high school students learn at this level, the easier it will be for them to research the more complex topics at higher levels in their educational career.

10 common topics for high school research papers:

The following is a list of some of the most common topics that you can ever find at the high school level:

  1. How mass media carves the American values?
  2. Does the prosecution for smaller crimes reduce domestic violence?
  3. Should there be separate newspapers for students with a definite censorship policy?
  4. Should women be given leniency with the death penalty?
  5. What factors should determine the minimum wage?
  6. Nuclear power and its uses.
  7. The problems of middle class society.
  8. How to justify career and family going together?
  9. Global warming.
  10. The importance of Psychotherapy.

Why common topics for research papers are the best choice for the high school students?

The most common topics are very convenient to write. The above given high school students common research topics have a definite edge over other topics as they are easy to research and write. High school students are relatively new to research and analytics of the research paper. Therefore, an easy and a broad topic would be challenging and easy at the same time. The idea of the research paper is to collect the facts, evaluate and analyze them and then in the end give your own logical reasoning about the topic. There should be a definite conclusion where the students have the liberty to make an open or a closed ending. The open ending or conclusion of the research paper interests the readers more that what can be the next thing after this particular research paper and a closed ending would have got everything in that particular research paper.


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