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How To Find A Non-Plagiarized Research Paper Example On The Web

The world is rife with individuals bent on copying and imitating the original creations of others and the internet is no different. Many websites display content that is not original and sometime the pieces are direct rip offs and copies of other authors. This is most obvious when some websites get shut down due to copyright infringements but these are only a minority of the sites that actually exist currently in violation of copyright laws. Here are some tips that can help you find a non-plagiarized research paper online:

  1. Know your authors
  2. It is not difficult to find out the names of academics doing actual research in their real lives. You can do this through many means, one of which may be magazines pertaining to the particular field of study or by visiting the websites of their universities and institutions. Upon gaining first hand knowledge of these individuals, you can then seek to acquire contact information that will direct you to the correct places to view their works. Most likely they will be affiliated with a company that has an official avenue for the presentation of works done by their employees.

  3. Visit verifiable sites
  4. They may exist as virtual information online but many, if not all websites, have a foundation in the real world. You can do some research of your own and find these companies in order to obtain the address of their official website, allowing you to visit their pages directly to view the examples they present. This will help you avoid visiting sites that are not legitimate since you have the exact web address, obtained from the official representatives of these companies.

  5. Online universities
  6. Many universities maintain websites and most universities are engaged in active research activities. Given the nature of science, all papers, except those that are classified by government agencies, are made available to the public and an excellent location for displaying these documents would be online, via the web. Simply perform a web search using any search engine for popular universities and browse their website. Any research paper examples obtained from these sites are sure to be original as the university is sure to take measures to ensure originality.

  7. Computer program
  8. Their exists many programs that can verify the originality of any written piece. These programs utilize the internet to search for similar words and phrases and are able to present you with the percentage of any article that already exists in another article.


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