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What are some good topics for a chemistry research paper?

You have been asked to write a research paper for your chemistry class. When you are responsible for writing a research paper, you will have to find an interesting and relevant topic. It can sometimes be more difficult to come up with a good topic than to research and write the paper. The main reasons is that you will want to find a topic that has enough information on it to write your paper but not so much that you will be overwhelmed with the data.

The main purpose of writing a research paper is to research a topic and then draw a conclusion from your research. Your paper is designed to prove your conclusion. You will make a general conclusion which will become your thesis and then find at least three supporting reasons why you believe the conclusion. The supporting reasons will make up your body paragraphs. Each reason should have its own paragraph or multiple paragraphs. Two reasons should never be written about in the same paragraph. You may want to write several paragraphs for each of the supporting reasons each with its own supporting facts.

Below is a list of ten different topics that can be used to write a research question on. Do some preliminary research to determine what claim you can make or what research question you would like to answer through your study. You can use these topics or come up with your own topic.

  1. Stem cell research
  2. Molecular assembly
  3. Effects of acid rain
  4. Nanotechnology
  5. Neurochemistry
  6. Relationship between matter and light
  7. Electromagnetic radiation
  8. Thermodynamics
  9. Bohr’s Radius
  10. Higgs Boson

Once you have chosen your topic, try to create a thesis statement as you do some research. The thesis statement will represent what you are trying to prove. It is important to make sure that you create a solid thesis statement because the rest of your time and research will be devoted to proving it.

The next helpful step is to create an outline. This is a good step because it will help you get organized. You can determine the order that you want to talk about your main ideas and what evidence you have found to support each of these ideas.

It should be easier once you have gotten these three things out of the way. You will know exactly what evidence you need to find and you will have a guide to writing your paper.


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