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You Should Sum Up Your Term Paper with a Catchy Conclusion

By now you should already know that the introduction and conclusions of your paper are equally important. To reiterate, the introduction is to grab the attention of the reader, and the conclusion wraps up the paper and reiterates the main points of the paper and brings everything home so to speak. The conclusion can also contain some additional facts in it, but not too many.

Some students tend to write their conclusion in just a few short sentences. For some cases, that may be acceptable. However, in most cases, a conclusion is going to be at least a full paragraph. There is another component that students miss when writing their conclusion; it is boring! Sure, the student wants to sum up the facts but it is crucial to do so in a catchy manner. Depending on the topic and the reader, by the time they reach the conclusion they could be very bored with your paper. Reading a boring paper is torture enough; the reader is more than anxious to get it over with. On the contrary, when a reader gets to a conclusion that is catchy, they are suddenly interested again. Not only that, but even if the paper Is dry and boring, a great catchy conclusion can easily bring the entire thing back to life.

Ways to Make a Conclusion Catchy

Here are a few pointers on how you can freshen up your conclusion by making it catchy:

  • Humor- Throwing in a good joke or pun is a great way add-on to the conclusion. Everyone loves a good laugh! There are also scientific studies that prove a person remembers something when it is associated to laughter; this means your paper will stick out in the readers mind.
  • Keep it slightly cliché- In other words, don’t be afraid to throw in some clichés to regain or keep the reader’s attention. Sometimes this option is better than just boring facts and rephrasing the thesis.
  • Add unique facts- This has been stated multiple times in other articles but it is definitely a useful tip. As stated earlier, the conclusion can have some new facts, but they need to be interesting. Look for those crazy off-the-wall facts and toss them in there.
  • Challenge the reader- If the topic of the paper is controversial; feel free to challenge the reader. Do not come off as aggressive though, but really make them think of opposing points of view.

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